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Introducing the Lenovo 22 & 24 Tiny-In-One (TIO) Displays.

Love the space saving benefits of an all-in-one (AIO) desktop system but hate the limited serviceability & upgrade ability of AIO systems? Then check out the Lenovo ThinkVision TIO monitors.

Take the Lenovo Tiny ThinkCenter desktop of your choice and slide it in to either the 22″ or 24″ ThinkVision TIO displays turning the system into a Tiny-in-One Desktop. The TIO display has built in video and power supply to connect a ThinkCenter desktop and adds 2 front mounted USB 3.0 ports and speakers. No tools required! As a bonus the TIO displays are tilt & height adjustable with a swivel base!

Want to service, upgrade, or replace the computer? Slide the Tiny system out of the display and your free to do any servicing or upgrading to the desktop without the hindrance of a built in display. The TIO Displays even have Display Port in if you wish to connect a separate device or upgrade to a different type of desktop.

Both the 22″ and 24″ TIO displays have a 3 year exchange warranty. Couple that with the standard 3 year warranty on our ThinkCenter Tiny desktop systems and you’ve got a computer you can rely on.



Posted on: December 16, 2016