Home Automation

Life is busy. We get that. Sometimes, we need things to be easy, simple and to give us peace of mind. That’s exactly what home automation can do for you.

Home automation, also referred to as a smart home, is having the ability to control day-to-day things from within your home from a smartphone or tablet for either convenience and/or security.

At myITsource, we carry a quality line of home automation products from Insteon, Nest and Sonos that can be tailored to meet your needs and the needs of your family.

It can literally be as simple as being able to turn lights on and off in your home from anywhere in the world, which can be a great security feature when you’re away and want your home to appear as though it’s not vacant.

You can also unlock your front door or open your garage doors remotely, or you can install cameras, motion sensors or a smart thermostat.

Easy Installation
Home automation, is not one-size fits all. Our professional staff will meet with you to help determine what is most important for you and your family whether that be safety, peace of mind or convenience.

Plus, installation is a snap. You buy the kit, install it yourself (feel accomplished) and instantly start seeing the advantage of having a system like this in your home. Or, to make it even straightforward, we can install whatever features you’d like for you. And the beauty is, any home can be automated, regardless of age.

Some of the most popular features that our home owners are taking advantage of are part of our Assurance Kit, which provides light security. It includes:

  • motion & door sensors,
  • leak sensors for your hot water tank, and
  • basic lamp controls.

With home automation there are no monthly fees, but if you do have an existing security system, all products can be tied in together for an effective, efficient and interactive system.

Visit our new showroom at the myITsource Corral Centre location, 825-18th Street North for our full supply of products and to experience some of the fantastic options in home automation.


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