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A New Year Brings Products to Shakeup Your Desk

CES 2016 has come and gone. With it we have some exciting new products and technologies some of which are already on display in showroom and more that will come over the next couple of months. Old favorites like the ThinkPad X1 Carbon will be updated well we see the introduction of  new members to the ThinkPad and X families.

The ThinkPad X1 Yoga was announced January 2016 and is already on display in the myITsource showroom.The definition of versatility, this 2-in-1 adapts to your business with 4 flexible modes to work, present, create, and connect. Features a stunning display with intense color and deep contrast, a dockable stylus pen, plus, the fastest, advanced mobile broadband technology available.

Powerful enough to replace a conventional laptop, the X1 Tablet offers customizable modules enhance presentations, increase productivity and battery life, and even allow you to scan images in 3D. Plus the detachable keyboard includes the legendary TrackPoint and trackpad.

If you are looking for something to turn conventional design on its head the ideacenter 610S may be the desktop for you. Its innovative, detachable projector module lets you display your games and videos against any wall or screen for a massive, immersive experience. What’s more, this innovative compact desktop even lets you browse the Web while simultaneously projecting in the background!

It’s not all new desktops and laptops though, the new ThinkVision X1 display will is the world’s slimmest 4K2K Display. Boasting a crystal-clear 27″ screen that allows you to see more than 1 billion colours. The display sports a borderelss ultra-slim profile with lots of connectivity options. From the included USB C ports, to the integrated Full HD camera that is mounted to an arm allowing it to be placed in the perfect position this new display will support some stunning new accessories. Connecting to your ThinkPad wirelessly to the display with the Wigig Dock or wirelessly charge your phone at the base of the ThinkVision X1 these new technologies will be sure to change the way you think about your desk.

Posted on: February 17, 2016