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Spring Clean Your PC

It’s that time of year again. The snow has melted away, life is returning to the once frozen parries, you can feel the sun on your skin, and that BBQ is almost ready to come out of hibernation. Unfortunately, your home which was your shelter for the last 8 months is probably due for a good spring cleaning. The same is also probably true for your computer as well. Here is some basic maintenance can go a long way to keeping your machine running like new.

  • Clean up your desktop! Delete program shortcuts you don’t use and sort any files you don’t need immediate access to into folders.
  • Sort through your Documents, Pictures, and Downloads folders and discard any files you don’t use to the Recycle Bin.
  • When is the last time you emptied your Recycle Bin? The Recycle Bin on your computer is probably overflowing with discarded files. If you haven’t noticed a missing file form your life, then there is probably nothing in there you need to look at. Empty the trash with prodigious!
  • Backup your files. Copy any documents, pictures, folders, and files that you can’t afford to loose to a USB drive, other external device, or the cloud. If you have a Gmail or Microsoft account then, Google Drive and OneDrive are a great free place to backup your data online.
  • Likewise, you may have some unused programs installed on your computer that you never really needed or used. Sort through the programs to find ones you don’t use and uninstall anything that is wasting space.
  • Well your looking at programs, when’s the last time you download any updates? Update your installed programs to their latest versions which can add improved features, improve performance, and increase security
  • Now is probably a good time to check for and install the latest updates for Windows for the same reason as keeping your programs up to date.
  • Run Disk Cleanup, a built in tool in Windows, which will automatically sort through your device and discard any files that are wasting space.
  • Finally, if your computer has a hard drive its probably long overdue for a disk defragment. Make sure you have time to let this tool run on its own for a while it could take any where from a few hours to an overnight process.

A little bit of maintenance can make your computer faster, more efficient, and more reliable. If you are uncomfortable with doing some of these things yourself, or just don’t have the time to watch Windows download updates for hours, bring your device down to our location. Our service and repair technicians can get your machine into shape for you.


Posted on: April 20, 2016